The Secret to Self Esteem

Stacey knows the hardships of being abused and bullied for a large portion of her life. Over the years she slowly felt herself become a shell of someone and found she could no longer recognize who she was. Like many others, she had bought into empty promises and well-worded lies that never came to fruition. Her worst fears were coming true. She was miserable; felt trapped, and thought that she had no one.

No one deserves to be treated this way!

Through these struggles, Stacey learned the skills required to regain her own self-esteem and self-confidence. Soon she learned that many women do not possess these same skills, or have any knowledge of where to find them. Stacey decided then to share her lived experience and psychology knowledge to give all women the skills to become wholehearted again.

The Secret to Self Esteem course will allow you to dig down deep and gain the skills to help regain both your self-esteem and confidence.

This course has an add-on course called The Secret To Self-Care which can be found here.

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The Secret To Self Esteem Course


Why this course was created

Stacey struggled most of her life. She lacked self-esteem, self-confidence, and wasn't sure the best ways to create a strong and healthy relationship. It wasn't until she left her now ex-husband, that she learned how she could have all those things.


It wasn't a change that happened overnight, it was a long process. Stacey had to make the choice to change. She went through college and completed her diploma in Social Service Work and is currently working towards her BA, which helped her to start this journey into personal growth.


We know that many women live in fear and are scared to live their life to its fullest, or that they don't know how to best live their lives. They live with a nagging voice in the back of their head telling them cruel things, slowly eating away at their confidence. This breaks our hearts.


This course was created to help women through the slow process of healing. We hope that through this journey, like Stacey, you will be able to find your true self and gain back your lost self-esteem and confidence.

What you'll learn

• How to dig deep and find the root cause of your lack of self-esteem.
• How to move past the self-doubt, and how to start believing in yourself.
• How to cut the ties of all negativity from your life, how to stay positive and be in control of you.
• What you like about yourself through your strengths and your achievements.
• How to break the cycle of learning our self-esteem from our mothers.
• How to set goals and make them happen.
• How to listen to your inner voice and why it is important.
• How to please yourself and not be jealous of others.
• What your life purpose is and how to love life to the fullest.
• How to properly manage your time.
• How your core values assist in letting people get to know who you are.
• How to view past mistakes through the power of positive thinking.
• How to take action today for changes in your future.
• How to look at yourself and recognize who you are.

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Tawny S.

I came to Stacey with an idea and she turned it into a reality! Listening attentively to who I am and what I hoped to convey she set me up from success with ideas on what to wear, to bring, and where to shoot the photos. The experience was smooth and easy and I never felt awkward ever! Stacey has got incredible skills but even better people skills and the two combined create one of a kind results!

Janine I.

From the moment I entered her studio, Stacey made me feel very comfortable and confident. Her creativity and expertise was evident throughout the shoot. She maintained a lighthearted demeanor that made it easy for me to relax and enjoy the experience. The final product was stunning!

Scott H.

A shout out to Stacey Hanlon!!! A little over a month ago we started down a path together to create my business plan, help define my ideal client, mindset and more. If you are just getting started or still fairly new to running a business I suggest working with her! It was well worth the investment and as an added bonus she’s an amazing person! I will be continuing to implement what we discussed, our SMART goals etc. can’t wait to see the results.

Rakhee C.

Stacey Hanlon is a brilliantly talented photographer who has a passion for uncovering inner beauty of people. She captured the beauty of my models in my fashion show beautifully. I 100% recommend her for events or portfolio pictures. Thank you Stacey, you are Awesome!!!

Christa K.

I absolutely love her work and working with her. The boudoir photos she did with me are amazing. Also great work with her makeup artist she did an amazing job as well as capturing my features. If I had another opportunity I'd do it again. The magic she pulls from her camera is amazing. I'd be your model any day if you need me. Keep up the good work!

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