The Secret to Self Care

Self Care is often overlooked.

So many of our blocks and feelings of being stuck are right here. I too was stuck here for a very long time. Once I realized the importance of self care everything changed. Once I did this work I became a survivor, confident, and stronger than I ever thought possible.

In this course, I will share with you the exact process I went through to move past this struggle.

This course is an add-on course for those who are currently completing or have already completed the Secret to Self-Esteem course.

What you will learn:


Day 1

Feeling worthless?


Day 2

Knowing your strengths, and weaknesses


Day 3

Your purpose


Day 4

Your appearance


Day 5

Be you

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Once you gain these you will not only feel better about yourself you will have a new bounce in your step that you never knew you could have before. 


Is your business not producing the results that you want?


I feel your pain. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I too have felt this way.



Self Care Course



Tawny S.

I came to Stacey with an idea and she turned it into a reality! Listening attentively to who I am and what I hoped to convey she set me up from success with ideas on what to wear, to bring, and where to shoot the photos. The experience was smooth and easy and I never felt awkward ever! Stacey has got incredible skills but even better people skills and the two combined create one of a kind results!

Janine I.

From the moment I entered her studio, Stacey made me feel very comfortable and confident. Her creativity and expertise was evident throughout the shoot. She maintained a lighthearted demeanor that made it easy for me to relax and enjoy the experience. The final product was stunning!

Scott H.

A shout out to Stacey Hanlon!!! A little over a month ago we started down a path together to create my business plan, help define my ideal client, mindset and more. If you are just getting started or still fairly new to running a business I suggest working with her! It was well worth the investment and as an added bonus she’s an amazing person! I will be continuing to implement what we discussed, our SMART goals etc. can’t wait to see the results.

Rakhee C.

Stacey Hanlon is a brilliantly talented photographer who has a passion for uncovering inner beauty of people. She captured the beauty of my models in my fashion show beautifully. I 100% recommend her for events or portfolio pictures. Thank you Stacey, you are Awesome!!!

Christa K.

I absolutely love her work and working with her. The boudoir photos she did with me are amazing. Also great work with her makeup artist she did an amazing job as well as capturing my features. If I had another opportunity I'd do it again. The magic she pulls from her camera is amazing. I'd be your model any day if you need me. Keep up the good work!

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