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The bully no one talks about | The Self Esteem Builder

A child bullying their parents is a common occurrence in today’s world. Often parents don’t realize their child has taken control. When realization sets in, ...
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Steps to your own self compassion | The Self Esteem Builder

‪Steps to your OWN self compassion Lie down, or take a comfortable seat that feels both relaxed and alert.‪ Practice mindful breathing. Become aware of your breath; ...
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Relaxing what’s that? | The Self Esteem Builder

Relaxing, what's that?  Do you find as you get older that it harder, and harder to relax? There is so much going on around us, it ...
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Would you stop nagging me! | The Self Esteem Builder

Would you stop nagging me! Jonny, your son is banging on the door, as he does every time he wants something. All he ever does is ...
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What is Wildflower Story?

Its soul purpose is to empower women to be confident in everything they do. It is broken down into a few different aspects.- courses designed ...
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