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Emotional Abuse | The Self Esteem Builder

Out of all the different types of abuse, this one is the hardest to understand and identify. Emotional abuse is knowing and understanding how they ...
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Fear | The Self Esteem Builder

Fear is something we all struggle with. I am shaking and I don’t know what to do? What is the next step? I just, can’t ...
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Holding Space | The Self Esteem Builder

When someone is going through an emotionally trying time, holding space for someone else is important. It not only makes them feel empowered, but it ...
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Is it the end? | The Self Esteem Builder

All you both seem to do any more is yell and scream at each other. You think the words in your head. You push them ...
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Joy | The Self Esteem Builder

All of us want to bring more of it into our lives. In today’s world, it is getting harder and harder. The reason is that ...
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Meditation | The Self Esteem Builder

What is meditation?It is sitting in a quiet space with a clear mind. It is best to sit down on the floor criss-cross applesauce. Close ...
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Physical Violence | The Self Esteem Builder

Every day it is the same story, my baby cries when I put him down. I cannot get ahead. I just see myself falling further ...
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Self Talk | The Self Esteem Builder

 Do you talk to yourself? Oh I know you do. Don’t look at the screen like I am some crazy woman! It is the truth! ...
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The healing process | The Self Esteem Builder

The first step is being able to identify what it is that requires healing. Dig deep talk to your friends. Healing is an emotional roller coaster ...
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Three Ways to Avoid Toxic People | The Self Esteem Builder

We have all encountered toxic people at some point in our lives. It could be when you were in high school, or someone in your ...
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Signs Of Burn Out | The Self Esteem Builder

How do you know when burn out appears? Is there a way to stop it? Are you ignoring all the signs?Being aware of the signs ...
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