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What to wear

What to wear   Women for generations and generations have asked this simple question. “What do I wear?” It is common to gather up their ...
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What to expect

  What to expect   When it comes to a photoshoot, there are several unknowns. Each photographer has their own process. Allow me to break ...
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Why book a session?

Why book a beauty session.   Does this sound like you?   As women, we often put ourselves last. We keep going and going until ...
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What can I do for you?

Are you tired of using the same old photos or maybe you need an update?  Either way I can help you to create amazing photos that ...
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Boudoir photos don’t need to be hidden | The Self Esteem Builder

Naturally when we think of boudoir, we often think of something very private and intimate. Typically that is the case and that is why women ...
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What to wear | The Self Esteem Builder

Are you unsure which lingerie works best for your body type.  I truly do believe that no two bodies are the same.  Here are some get answers ...
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You booked a session, now what | The Self Esteem Builder

So you’ve booked a session, now what? Getting ready for your boudoir session with us may seem like quite the task at first. All sorts of ...
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Why book a boudoir session | The Self Esteem Builder

Why book a boudoir session?I say why not? Boudoir sessions don’t need a reason. They’re fun. They’re empowering. They’re rewarding. Many women do book their ...
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What you don’t know about having a boudoir shoot | The Self Esteem builder

What you don’t know about having a boudoir shoot. We all have fears. It is normal to fear the unknown, even more so with the unknown ...
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What to look for in a photographer | The Self Esteem Builder

What to look for in a photographer You have decided to go ahead and book your boudoir session. You have no idea what to look for ...
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How to regain your confidence | The Self Esteem Builder

How to regain your confidence What does having no confidence and a boudoir shoot have in coming? Read on my friend.  It doesn’t matter is we weigh ...
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Boudoir Photoshoot Giveaway | The Self Esteem Builder

***Boudoir Photoshoot Giveaway***Wildflower Story is looking for THREE women of all ages who would like to have an empowering and transformational luxury boudoir photoshoot experience.We ...
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