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Why you need a new headshot or personal branding shoot

Are you in need of a new headshot or personal branding photos for your business? Have you been putting it off due to lack of ...
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Now what?

You just booked your headshot and/or a personal branding shoot. Now you are thinking now what? Once I get you on the schedule. We will ...
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Do you have nothing to wear

What to wear. Not knowing what to wear for your headshot and/or personal branding photoshoot is normal. The goal is to impress your ideal client. ...
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How to reach your ideal client

  There are so many different ways to find and reach your ideal client avatar. Have you found them yet?   Now that you have ...
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How to achieve your business goals

Have you created your business goals?   No? Let me ask you this, which is more like you?   Do you ask yourself this? Why ...
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How to create your ideal client

Are you reaching your ideal client avatar or a pretend person that you talk to? If not? What is holding you back? Have you created ...
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Having a difficult time photographing your kids?

Are you having difficulty taking photos of your kids?   You are not alone.   It is normal for children to not listen. This happens ...
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Take the stress out of photographing your kids

Learning how to take the stress out of taking photos of your children can be a hard task. It can be done. BUT you have ...
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Kids grow quickly

As a parent, we all know how quickly kids grow. One moment you are rocking them in your arms, the next we are sending them ...
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How to create the perfect photograph

How to achieve the perfect photo   Are you tired of hating the photos that you take for your business?   It is easier than ...
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What to wear

What to wear   Women for generations and generations have asked this simple question. “What do I wear?” It is common to gather up their ...
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How to choose a location

Do you feel stuck on where and how to scope out a location for a shoot? This happens more often than you think. It is ...
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