Women's Circles

Do you feel loved, needed, and valued?

If not, it doesn’t have to be that way, I can help.

Circles are a monthly get-together where we share our stories with other women in our community, who are experiencing the same or similar feelings as you are. These circles are for women who have been bullied, abused (physically, verbally, or emotionally), or who are going through a life-altering event.

I was inspired to create this after attending an empowering retreat of like-minded women who all belong to a surrogacy company. Afterwards, I thought all women need to experience this kind of sisterhood, belonging and empowerment. 

This is unique as it is as individual as each women and we all bring something different in how we share our own personal stories in our journey of healing.

What Circles Are

The first time I sat in on a circle, changed my life. It was one of the most unique and empowering experiences of my life.  There is something about sitting on the ground cross legged in a circle where each women is sharing her story that is so inspiring.

These monthly meeting will leave you empowered and on a high until the next meeting! They are a safe place to share your story to heal yourself while creating a sisterhood of empowerment. 

When attending the monthly meetings, the women will be in a circle around a salt bowl. I highly recommend bringing something to put in it, such as lavender, or any flower, or herb. If you don't have anything to bring, I will have some items available. When adding this to the bowl you will talk about your story and what your intention is for that month. Saying it out loud helps you release the energy surrounding it and allows you to bring the positive energy back into your life. We will also create a craft at each meeting.

To read the story of my first circle, click here.

How do I know if a women’s circle is right for me?

Are you currently going through one of the following situations: being bullied, abused (physically, verbally, or emotionally), going through a life-altering event, or are in need of a sense of belonging. If so, you are in the right place.


Here is what you can expect:

BEFORE: Sign up for the meeting. An email will go out with ideas on what you to bring and what the craft will be. Don’t over think what you will say. When it is your turn, you will be surprised how it will flow out of your body and how freeing it feels.

DURING: Be open minded and knowing that other women are baring their souls. This is how we become part of the sisterhood and not sharing our secrets with others. Talking freely and openly to your sisterhood is freeing to your soul.

AFTER: You will leave feeling empowered and inspired. You will slowly feel the changes within you.

It may take weeks, or it may take months of trying to do this yourself or you can let me help you! I love this stuff.


To reserve your spot today, click the button below. Then, check your email for upcoming dates and set your intention for the upcoming meeting.

Once you send in your payment you will be added to our Facebook group.

Each meeting will be about 2 hours in length.