The Experience

We can’t weight for you to experience a photoshoot. It truly is transformational. 

We are so excited to share with you all of our amazing benefits that you will receive as a Wildflower Story client.

Stacey Hanlon offers Ingersoll’s and area only top luxury boutique experience specializing in Beauty,

Boudoir and Children.

To book an appointment, or for more info please contact us at 519 871 0655 or by filling out the contact form.

The Investment

We aren't your traditional Boudoir, Beauty & Children’s Portraiture studio, we believe every woman is unique, so each and every shoot is customized to your specific wishes, style and needs. I will personally sit down with you in a complimentary private consultation to get to know you and create a one of a kind Experience of a Lifetime.

The session fee is $400 for beauty and boudoir sessions. $300 session fee for a children's shoot. For sessions on Saturday an additional charge of $200 will be applied. 

Portrait collections start at $1500.

 We offer a vast array of professional prints, custom designed albums, folio box, canvas wall art and mounted wall art starting at $275.

Contact us today and we can start planning your experience!

To book an appointment or for more info please contact us at 519 871 0655 or by filling out the contact form.

Servicing Ingersoll, London, Woodstock, Stratford, Tillsonburg, and area top portrait photographer.


Ever since I was a little girl, I have always battled with my weight. Kids at school were relentless with the teasing and name calling. Growing up I always wanted to feel comfortable in my own skin, and be happy with myself. Looking in magazines I always pictured what it would be like to be skinny and to model. I never thought this dream would come true, well I was wrong. A friend of mine had done a shoot with Stacey before and I was amazed at how beautiful she was and the moments Stacey had captured for her. I got into contact with Stacey and the rest was history. The days approaching my shoot I was very nervous thinking no one has ever seen me half naked other than partners I had be intimate with. Usually other girls are the worst for judging, but that wasn’t the case with Stacey. The day of the shoot I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. Upon meeting Stacey for the first time, she welcomed me into her studio with the biggest smile. I got ready with the hair and make-up artist and before I knew it, it was show time. I got changed into my first outfit, looked into the mirror and thought wow, this cant be me!! I looked like a model, something I always dreamed of. I was still very nervous we started the shoot, within a few minutes, she had me laughing and all those worries went away. It felt like second nature to model. Once the shoot was completed I had a whole new outlook on not only myself but my life. My self-confidence was uplift immensely. I felt beautiful from the inside out. Not only did Stacey make me finally comfortable in my own skin, but she gave me the confidence to want to share it with others. Since my shoot, I have become a different woman. I truly believe every woman needs to be touched by Stacey’s uplifting nature, and to feel just as beautiful as she made me. ~Sarah W.

I've followed Stacey's successful photography biz on social media for a number of years. I decided, on a whim, to book a boudoir shoot...and then almost backed out (felt a bit out of my comfort zone!) But then I remembered you only live once, thought 'what the hell' and went for it! And it turned out to be SUCH a fun, amazing and empowering experience!
Being a busy mom can make us feel very un-sexy at times and being a single mom who doesn't get much 'love' had kinda lead me to forget that there's still a woman behind the mask. Anyway, if any of you are looking for a way to spice up your life, your love life, or just add a lil' spark to your day, you should seriously consider doing this!
~ Raegan H.

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