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Wildflower Story’s coaching is a strength based support system for women who are having difficulty through mental illness, death, special needs, being lonely, low self esteem, divorce/separation, or any form of abuse etc. 


Life is difficult; coaching will assist you in creating a healthy balance in your life. It will guide you in decision making, and support. During our time together you will learn how to create healthy relationships, maintain stability and find your purpose in life. This is done with a unique perspective, as I have been where you are right now and I persevered through it. 



I have been through:

  • The death of my father
  • Being bullied
  • Abuse
  • Divorce/separation as a child and an adult
  • A blended family
  • Special needs child
  • Mental illness
  • Having no friends

I have been through many other things not listed above. When you don’t have a support system in place it is being lonely that can take you to a deep dark place. It can lead to mental illness if you are not careful. While I was separated I was traumatized and it left me with depression and suicidal thoughts (I knew enough about myself to know I would never act on those self-harming thoughts). Regardless, they were there. Constantly looming overhead. 


It can help you to lift that cloud that is overhead by giving you a new perspective. In essence this is what life is about and how you see the world around you. If you are angry you will attract that more into your life. If you are happy you will attract happiness in to your life. Once you recognize these types of behaviour, change can occur and the healing process can start. 


In our coaching session I will share with you strategies that have worked for me and tweak them for your individual situation. Afterwards you will feel like you have a better sense of direction in your life and know how to achieve your individual goals. It is realizing that your goals will take time, as creating your toolbox takes time. 


You may not be in a place yet where you are willing to make changes and that is okay. Together we can create and design a plan that best suits your needs. Knowing where you want to end up is half the battle. I wish I knew while I was going through life these strategies in my own toolbox. Instead I ended up on a hamster wheel and I didn’t know when to get off. It just kept going around and around. We have all gone through this at some point in our lives. Then you have that ah-ha moment. We all love this moment when things start to fall into place. I am the idea queen. In fact I have so many that I do not have time to implement them all. 


With my educational background of Social Work (this is ongoing) and my personal life experiences I will give you purpose once again. Understanding yourself and knowing your why is important. Once you know this after loosing yourself, it will leave you feeling refreshed, have a sense of relief and knowing that you are not alone in this journey all the while having a new outlook on life.  Sometimes we need that personal cheerleader. Knowing that someone is on our side and has personally been there. It is okay and knowing that mistakes will happen. It is time to embrace them and to move past the fear of failure. 


This is done through supporting you through your strengths, building a support system and creating a recovery plan that best suits your needs and work towards a goal. I will connect you to community resources for professional care (if needed). Coaching does not replace professional care, or treatment in any way. Nor can I diagnose any mental health issues.  


The process is done based on a partnership model. You are the expert of your life and you know what is best for you. Coaching provides accountability to assist you in staying on track while working together towards a common goal.  


Allow me to show you by booking a discovery call today. This is a complimentary ½ hour call.


$150 – Healing session call 

This hour coaching session will help in figuring out what is going on and guide you towards a solution. This is perfect for smaller issues. 


$400 – 3 x 1 on 1 sessions 

This package is for life’s bigger problems. Together we will concentrate on how to problem solve and develop and recreate balance in your life once again.

Prices are subject to change at any time.

Contact us at 519 871 0655 or by filling out the contact me form

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Healing Sessions