What can I do for you?

Are you tired of using the same old photos or maybe you need an update? 


Either way I can help you to create amazing photos that you will love for your business. 


You have a business and things are going okay. But you feel that you are struggling to keep up with your social media and the photos on your site. You have no idea what to post and just need something fresh! 


How can I help you?


I offer 1:1 mentoring, headshots, and personal branding photography. 


What is personal branding? It is not a specific style it is a set of photos of you and your brand. It tells your story. It will help to grow your brand, your business and gain clients. These images can be used for social media, advertising, print, website, merchandise, newsletters and more.


I learn about who you are as a person, your business and your brand story. By doing this I create a story of your business through photographs that best represents who you are. 


Can you just see that? Photos that you can use and do anything with across all social media platforms. 


Still now sure? 


Here is what some of my clients are saying:
I recently did two branding shoots with Stacey, one at my workplace as I was working and one with my children. I am blown away by the pictures I received of my children and I. They are amazing! Stacey was great to work with, communication was fast and she had lots of ideas and was laser focused in her execution. It was also super helpful that she brought an assistant to help with the kids. It was a great experience. Before we did any photos, we had a phone conversation all about my businesses, my goals, and what I wanted to portray in these photos, it was very thorough and we really got to know each other and when she did photograph us it was so easy because she already knew everything. She even helped me with posing, just the little adjustments so I would have seven chins (you know what I mean 😉). If you’re looking for branding photos, I’d highly recommend connecting with Stacey and seeing if you would be a good fit together. 

~ Nicole Hennessy


I came to Stacey with and idea and she turned it into a reality! Listening attentively to who I am and what I hoped to convey she set me up from success with ideas on what to wear, to bring, and where to shoot the photos. The experience was smooth and easy and I never felt awkward ever! Stacey has got incredible skills but even better people skills and the two combined create one of a kind results!

~ Tawny Stowe



Headshots $300

1 outfit

3 images 

30 minutes


Personal Branding Mini sessions $295

July 19 

3 photos

20 minutes

1 outfit

online gallery

Make up by Samantha Blatnicky Makeup


Need help with your business? 


I understand the struggles. My first business was crazy successful. The next one I had a hard time. I didn’t have anything set up properly. I learned as I went. In my first business, it had all fallen into place and I had a business partner who did all the business side. I did the selling. 


This one I was all on my own. It was so much harder. This is where I learned so much and was able to push myself and to grow into who I am today, as a person, and in business. 


As a business owner, we all want to up level our business. There are so many ways. That we often get lost in what the original plan was in the first place. 


You need to get clear.


Once you do you can change the world with what you offer! Can you imagine that? Sounds incredible right?!


One on one 3 month mentoring $500


Still unsure if this is right for you?


When we start a business we often do not have a plan or how to get ourselves to the next level. We need to create a plan in order to take us there. We need to create an avatar, a mission statement, goals, a business plan, a marketing plan and a social media plan, shift your mindset and so much more.


Getting clear is important. Knowing all of these things will help you to take things to where you want to be. 


I do all this and much more.


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Boudoir photos don't need to be hidden | The Self Esteem Builder

Naturally when we think of boudoir, we often think of something very private and intimate. Typically that is the case and that is why women choose to have boudoir photo shoots. They want to have photos either for themselves or for someone special that are intimate, sexy, and “for their eyes only”.

Photography is art and sometimes we like to display that art out in the open. That can seem pretty scary when it comes to your personal boudoir photos that usually showcase you in little clothing or your birthday suit! However, there are a few ways that you can take your professional prints and display them in your home (or where ever you choose) without being terrified that Uncle Bob or Grandma will stumble upon them and go into complete and utter shock.

The best types of images to display that won’t get the shock and awe factor are images that show details from your photo shoot, such as a close up of you hooking a garter or the curve of your hip. Images that show your body but not your face are also great choices because the “secret factor” is left intact. If someone was to stumble upon the photo, they don’t exactly know that it’s you! We can work together during your photo shoot to come up with some great images that you’d love to have hanging on your walls!


What is more private than your master bedroom? 
Most of the time the only people in our bedrooms are ourselves, our partners, and maybe our BFF’s from time to time. If you have open wall space above your bed, that’s usually a great spot for hanging an image. If you’re worried that someone might pop into the door and see it front and center, choose a wall that is off to the side and not in direct view. If you have a large or walkin closet, that is also a great space to place a few prints out of the public eye!


Your master bathroom is a great hideaway. 
Whether it is an ensuite or detached from your bedroom, it’s likely used only by you and your significant other which means it’s another great place for displaying your boudoir photos! You can make a cluster of a few small prints together or even decide on a large sexy and seductive photo and hang it above your bathtub.


Does your man have a “man cave”? 
If he has a cozy little getaway in the house just for him, give him a few saucy photos that he can hang wherever he chooses. Maybe it will be directly on the wall or safely tucked away behind the wet bar. If he has company over for poker night, he can always stash the photos else where for the time being so his buddies don’t get a peek.


Ask me for more information getcaredfor@wildflowerstory.com


What to wear | The Self Esteem Builder

Are you unsure which lingerie works best for your body type.  I truly do believe that no two bodies are the same.  Here are some get answers to your question.


Here are a few lingerie secrets for women of all body types.


Teddies and lace nighties will hide all the things you want to hide!


Busty women should wear plunging necklines and ruffles


If you’re not so busty, consider wearing ruffles around the bust, under wires, and halter styles that create the illusion of cleavage.


A silk robe is perfect for narrowing your hips and thighs.  Also anything sheer hides any parts you’d rather not see in photos.


Boy shorts are one of the best selections. They hide everything, as well as giving you the kind of booty you want.


For stockings, I suggest purchasing the ones without rubber. Why, you ask? Well, when you put an elastic around your skin, it indents it, which causes the skin around it to pool over. Not the look we are going after.  


I also don’t recommend babydolls.  When you’re posed, babydolls give the illusion that you are larger than you are.


A corset gives the chest more uplift and flattens the midriff, melting away 2-3 inches. It should end at the waist or below. A well-made corset has steel boning and ties, which work together to create an hourglass look. You’ll have curves in all the right places.


A bustier will feel less confining than a corset because it ends at the waistline or above.  It is not meant to cover your hips, and it is more flexible and has plastic boning. A bustier usually won’t have laces but will close with hooks and eyes.


A bra and panty set is a great alternative to any of the options above.


Now that you know this information, you can go shopping at any lingerie store with your newfound confidence.


Here is a guideline for what you should bring to a shoot:


I recommend bring at least 3 – 5  outfits to your shoot. 



There are all different types:



Bra’s and panties

Fish net stockings

Garters and stockings – make sure not to purchase the ones with the rubber to stay up and they indent your leg

Body suits


So many endless possibilities. 


Jewelry – if you are not a jewelry person, you don’t need to bring any


Anything that you love


I help you and guide you every step of the way.

The sky is the limit.

Hair extensions if you have them


I also have wardrobe options here as well. 


Together we will go through your wardrobe and select the items that will look the best on you. I also give my clients the option to send me photos and I can help them with their selection of wardrobe.


London Ontario Top boudoir and Women's Portrait photographer

You booked a session, now what | The Self Esteem Builder

So you’ve booked a session, now what? Getting ready for your boudoir session with us may seem like quite the task at first. All sorts of things are probably going through your mind: what to wear, what shoes to bring, how to wear your hair, when should you get waxed, and many other things. Our team is skilled and knowledgeable in preparing you for your session once you’re in our studio. We’ll go through your wardrobe selection and choose what will look best for each set we’ll be using, your hair will be styled to look amazing and your makeup will be applied to complete your full. You’ll surely feel like a diva and super model when you’re in the studio.


There are some things you can do prior to arriving at your shoot that can help you prepare mentally and physically. Some tasks you may be able to do on your own at home or with your girlfriends and some you might decide to make a day of and schedule appointments with you salon or spa.


Here are some things to do:

Get a mani & pedi

It’s likely that your hands and feet will show up in your images, so be sure to treat yourself to a relaxing manicure and pedicure to primp those nails. You can choose to go with a classic french manicure look or play with some color that will coordinate with colors in your boudoir wardrobe. I highly recommend choosing a colour that is timeless. If you’re unsure on what color to use or you have a variety of wardrobe options, choose something neutral such as a pale pink or nude.

Get a massage

Tension in your muscles and body will show during your photo shoot. You may have another way of relaxing or even be a natural in front of the camera, but if you feel tense before your session and just want to let loose and relax, opt for a gentle massage. Book an appointment at the spa or ask your sweetie to participate at home.

Touch up your roots

There’s nothing worse than looking at your final images and noticing that your dye job was a little overdue. Buy a box of your usual dye or root touch up, or make an appointment with your hair stylist to have everything evened out. You’ll be thankful that you did. This isn’t the time to go crazy and try a new color for the first time, so stick to what you’ve done before and avoid any accidental color mishaps leaving you with a too dark, too light, or even orange head.

Moisturize for a healthy glow

A simple and natural way to give your skin a nice healthy glow is by moisturizing. The days leading up to your photo shoot, take a little extra time after your showers or before bed to apply a nice body butter or your favorite moisturizer. If you’re a tanner, please do not tan prior to your session. You will look orange in your photos. 

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Not only does this help in giving your skin a healthy glow in addition to moisturizing, but our bodies love water. Make sure you’re getting a nice amount of water each day to help your skin stay soft and healthy. You’ll arrive to your photo shoot looking fresh and revitalized.


London Ontario Top Boudoir and Women's Portrait Photographer

Why book a boudoir session | The Self Esteem Builder

Why book a boudoir session?

I say why not? Boudoir sessions don’t need a reason. They’re fun. They’re empowering. They’re rewarding. Many women do book their sessions for particular reasons though. Some women don’t believe that they deserve an experience like this and need a little extra push as to why they do! Here are my top reasons for booking a boudoir photo shoot:


Every woman deserves to feel comfortable in her own skin. We are subjected to and inundated with images of aesthetic perfection every day in the media. We compare ourselves constantly to unattainable standards. And we let ourselves, even if for a millisecond, believe lies about our bodies. We were created as crowning jewels; we are beauty personified. Sometimes we don’t even know it until we allow ourselves to be placed in a spot of vulnerability. Boudoir is the spot. Boudoir photography allows you to truly rediscover what real beauty is—your beauty.


Let’s be real. A very large percentage of us probably do not get glammed up every day. I know I don’t. I’ll be lucky if I put on some concealer to hide the puffy bags under my “only six hours of sleep” eyes! Boudoir is a time to let your hair down (literally) and indulge in a little bit of pampering with my hair and make up artist. So live up the glamour, glitz, and sparkle! Because tomorrow, you’ll be back to your inner moral dilemma of “If I put my mascara on, will I have time to eat breakfast?”


There is no better way to celebrate a weight loss goal than to rock what your momma gave you! You worked hard to get where you are, and it’s time to celebrate. Whether it was weight loss, a promotion at work, or even just graduating college with three kids in tow, life is one big celebration. We have to take a moment for ourselves and throw some confetti.


Going shopping for accessories and lingerie is just plain fun! Okay, so it may cause anxiety for some (like me) because there are so many choices and ideas. However, putting together an outfit that would never see the public eye is rather alluring and exciting. When else would you get to justify chunky, multi-strands of pearls and cream-colored heels?


I cannot think of a better gift to give to him than yourself. Show me one man who was not absolutely gaga over boudoir photos of his special lady, and I’ll show you the apocalypse. Men are visual creatures; they connect and internalize images. We may roll our eyes when we see a man recognize a beautiful woman, but it’s how they were wired. When we give images of ourselves, we say, “I respect and love you. I know this is one mode of communication that you appreciate.”

So – Are You Ready?

By now you should see the reasons why a boudoir photo shoot is a great decision to make. Reconnect with yourself. Give an awesome gift. Feel like a queen for the day. Are

London Ontario Top Boudoir and Women's Portrait Photographer

What you don't know about having a boudoir shoot | The Self Esteem builder

What you don’t know about having a boudoir shoot.


We all have fears. It is normal to fear the unknown, even more so with the unknown with having a boudoir shoot.


Have you always secretly wanted to book a boudoir shoot so that you too could feel beautiful and sexy? But you are too scared of the unknown.


The photographer is going to see me in my skivvies.  What is she going to say when she see’s my huge belly, those stretch marks on my belly?  I can’t do it I just can’t.  I tightly close my eyes and wish away those insecurities.  I open them slowly, the fear is staring me in the face. The fear has over taken any desire to ever want to have one.  I am so uncoordinated…how am I going to know how to pose or maybe I should use that sexy duck face?  I don’t want to look like a fool in front of her. I feel like the most un sexy person ever.


What you think happens:

The photographer takes one look at me and tells me that I am so ugly that I will break her camera.  I hang my head in shame.  I can’t handle that kind of rejection.  It is best to stay comfortable right where I am.


What really happens:

First we view your lingerie, accessories and jewelry that you brought in for you session. If you don’t normally use any of the above no problem. We want the photos to look like you. Then we whisk you away to have your hair and make up done.  It’s a wonderful way to spend the first part of your shoot. 


It leaves you feeling a newfound beauty that you didn’t know you even had.  Once you are in your first outfit your fears melt away as I pose you and guide you into each pose. When you leave the studio you will have an extra pep in your step.



Then it’s that moment of waiting for your images to be ready for the viewing.  This is my favourite part.  I love showing you your images as I get to show you exactly how your partner see’s you, through their eyes.  It truly is a surreal experience.


Here at Wildflower Story we do everything to make sure each and every one of our clients are at ease and 100% comfortable.


Just do it for you, you won’t regret it. 

London Ontario Top boudoir and Women's Portrait Photographer

What to look for in a photographer | The Self Esteem Builder

What to look for in a photographer


You have decided to go ahead and book your boudoir session. You have no idea what to look for in one.

Allow me to help you.

Do you connect with the photographer

You want to make sure that you have a connection with him or her. If you don’t feel comfortable your photos will reflect it. You want someone who you can trust and help you to feel relaxed during your shoot. When this happens you are able to feel this confident in what you are doing and the fear melts away. This is where the magic can begin. You will be amazed at the final results

Are you comfortable with a male or female photographer. 

Who would you feel more comfortable in front of? Think about it. You may not even realize that you have a preference. Weigh the options and make a decision based off of this. 

You really do get what you pay for. A photographer who is cheap is either not confident in their work or they are just starting their photography business. Make sure you do your research and find someone who is within your budget and offers you what you are looking for.


What kind of photos do you love? Does the photographer that you have selected offer what you are looking for? If you still have questions you can request to see a whole session. This way you can learn a lot from this. How many images will be delivered. What kind of photos. This is a great way to learn what to expect from your own shoots. Do you like the photographers editing style? Do you have a preference to sultry, a dark or light or even a flirty session. Can the photographer offer what you are looking for?


A lot of my clients ask that I keep there session private. This should be very importand to the photographer. I talk about this with each of my clients and what their comfort level is. I always respect which ever decision you make.

London Ontario Top Boudoir and Women's Portraits